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This treatment has become one of the most popular treatments on the market. And there are many positive reasons why. Can you imagine what it would be like to wake up with a flawless complexion ? This may not seem possible – but it can be. It is now safe and possible due to the latest technology. Originally developed in Korea – whose beauty market is one of the most exciting in the world. It has been proven to be effective and safe, and – extremely popular!

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What Is BB Glow?

This fantastic treatment utilises gentle micro needling to place into the top layers of the skin especially prepared tinted serums. Because of the nature of the treatment it is relatively pain free. Natural collagen is produced after skin has been needled . This collagen stimulation combined with the tinted BB Glow serums which are rich in anti oxidants means that this truly is a results driven facial.

Results of BB Glow

BB Glow helps your skin to feel and look better. You will see visible improvements after the first treatment. The serum will аlѕо continue tо wоrk for two wееkѕ аftеr your treatment, and anti-aging benefits will continue to roll in in the coming weeks as your skin naturally rejuvenates itself.


These improvements include

  • Reduction in fine lines.
  • Lessening in freckles.
  • Equalised skin tone.
  • More skin Brightness.
  • Reduction in brown spots.

Before and After BB Glow

BB Glow the benefits

1. One of the most obvious and amazing benefits of BB Glow is that your skin looks like it is wearing a very natural foundation.
Reducing the visibility of light scarring and uneven pigmentation.
2. Because the BB Glow treatment combines potent serums and micro needling your skin is stimulated and produces collagen.

Collagen іѕ a natural рrоtеіn found throughout the bоdу, it provides the skin with structure, elasticity, and vibrancy. Unfortunately, аѕ we age the bоdу produces lеѕѕ соllаgеn. A result of this is that the skin loses its structure and wrinkles are formed. Stimulating Collagen will mean that we can improve the appearance of skin. The serums used in the BB Glow treatments are packed with potent nutrients . During the BB Glow procedure the products penetrate the skin where they will have the most benefit.BB Glow Treatment Reigate BB Glow Reigate BB Glow Treatment Reigate BB Glow Reigate

What does the BB Glow Treatment feel like ?

The BB Glow treatment feels quite like micro needling. No numbing cream is needed as the treatment is quite comfortable. There is virtually no downtime with BB Glow trеаtmеnt. Depending on skin sensitivity level mild redness may occur; this usually subsides quickly. As there is no downtime you can resume your normal routines immediately. We advise not to wear make up for 24 hours, and avoid excessive activity for the rest of the day. Most important is to stay out of the sun for 72 hours and wear a good quality sun block at least SPF 30 . BB Glow Treatment Reigate BB Glow Reigate BB Glow Treatment Reigate BB Glow Reigate


How Long Does BB Glow Last?
BB Glow is considered a form of semi-permanent make up . With the appropriate number of treatments and correct after care the results will last up to half a year. Like with many other treatments in the beauty industry, BB Glow results are cumulative. Each time you have a treatment you will notice that the benefits will last longer – so over time you can expect to need fewer treatments.

BB Glow how many will I need ?
In general most clients need 3 – 5 procedures to obtain the results they want. Depending on the skin coverage you are going for, or the intensity of the flaw that is being covered up, you might need 3-5 treatments for your very first package.

Will BB Glow Clog My Pores?
Unlike traditional make up BB Glow will not block your pores. This idea originated from a traditional makeup where particles are too large. BB Glow serums are formulated to be beneficial for the skin, even the tint that provides the colour is completely natural and free of silicones; therefore, it will not clog the pores.
BB Glow Treatment Reigate BB Glow Reigate BB Glow Treatment Reigate BB Glow Reigate

BB Glow Treatment Reigate BB Glow Reigate