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Fat Freezing results

12 Weeks post treatment

Fat freeze results

8 Weeks post treatment

Fat Freezing results

7 Weeks post treatment

Fat Freezing Dorking

How does the process of Fat Freezing work ?
This treatment allow you to remove unwanted fat deposits from areas where fat is normally difficult to lose from. The equipment is designed to remove fat cells by exposing them to very low temperatures, the body then naturally removes these cells.  Traditional methods of fat removal such as liposuction have many side effects and are expensive.

Unlike other treatments you are able to return to your normal activities after the treatment. There are no incisions and there are very few if any after effects.

The undesirable fat cells are gently placed into specially designed equipment and treated via extremely low temperatures, this process known as apoptosis disables the fat cells rendering them unusable in the body. Apoptosis is a natural occurrence in the human body, FAT FREEZING speeds up this process in the targeted areas.

The process will continue after your treatment, as the body breaks down the treated fat cells and begins to remove them via the lymphatic system to the liver. The process of total elimination can take up to 3 months.

Most areas of the body where unwanted fat is stored can be treated using this treatment.  Stomach, inner thighs, love handles, bra fat and the chin.

One treatment can be enough to get a great long lasting results and on average will result in a 20-30% decrease in adipose tissue within the area being treated. Results can take between 4-12 weeks to fully show through, during this time the area will slowing reduce.

Want to see the results more quickly ?

Please ask about how this can be achieved.

Fat Freezing Dorking

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Fat Freezing Dorking

Have questions?
I offer a free consultation – if you would like to discuss this treatment please feel free to contact me  – 07788 249875.

How many treatments will I need?
This will depend on the amount of excess fat that you want to remove.

What will I feel during the treatment ?
Some clients feel tightening of the skin but would not describe the feeling as pain.

How much fat can i lose in a single treatment ?
Single procedures can see a reduction in the area of up to 30%.

How soon will I see results?
The process can take up to 12 weeks as the body metabolises the destroyed fat cells. Quicker results can be achieved by combining with other treatments – please ask for information. Although this can be sooner ‚ if you need quicker results speak to me about combination treatments

Are there any side effects ?
As the treatment is non invasive, there are minimal side effects, however you can find some redness and bruising which can occur after the treatment which resolves very quickly after completing the procedure.

Is there anything I need to do after the treatment?
There few requirements after the treatment – we recommend that you drink plenty of water and do not drink excessive alcohol in the 3 months after the treatment. You can also discuss with us other treatments that will enhance your results such as lymphatic drainage massage – that is offered in the clinic.

Fat Freezing Dorking



Fat freezing process