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If you don’t lose inches you will be retreated


Fat Freezing – How does it work  ?

This relatively new innovation is used to remodel your body and remove fat from unwanted areas.
The equipment is designed to remove fat cells by exposing them to very low temperatures, the body then naturally removes these cells.
Many methods which are invasive usually result in unwanted side effects such as bruising, risk of infection, swelling, painful blistering, numbness.

Unlike other treatments you are able to return to your normal activities after the treatment. There are no incisions and there are very few if any after effects.

The undesirable fat cells are gently placed into specially designed equipment and  treated via extremely low temperatures, this process known as apoptosis disables the fat cells rendering them unusable in the body.
Apoptosis is a natural occurrence in the human body, FAT FREEZING speeds up this process in the targeted areas.

The body continues to process these fat cells over the during the next  12 weeks they are slowly moved to the lymphatic system and subsequently eliminated from the body via the liver.

The treatment can be applied to almost any area of the body where you have unsightly fat deposits – upper and lower abs, legs, muffin tops, bra fat and chins.

One treatment can be enough to get a great long lasting results and on average will result in a 20-30% decrease in adipose tissue within the area being treated.

The final results will be visible after 3 months – although this may be  sooner. The body gently eliminates the destroyed fat cells through the liver.
If you would like to see results sooner – we offer  other treatments  that are able to achieve this.

Guildford Fat Freezing

Guildford Fat Freezing

Further information

I have now carried out over 3000 of these procedures and I am happy to answer any questions that you may have ‚Äì to arrange a free consultation please Call / Text  07788 249875 – I am often with clients so Texting is preferable.

How many treatments will I need?
The number of treatments required will vary from client to client, and the volume of fat to be removed.

 Is the treatment painful ?
Some clients feel tightening of the skin but would not describe the feeling as pain.

What sort of result can I expect within one session?

Results will vary for each client – however you can expect to see a reduction of up to 30% of the fat treated.

When will the results begin to show ? Guildford Fat Freezing

The process can take up to 12 weeks as the body metabolises the destroyed fat cells. Quicker results can be achieved by combining with other treatments – please ask for information.
Although this can be sooner – if you need quicker results speak to me about combination treatments

 Are there any side effects ?

As the treatment is non invasive, there are minimal side effects, however you can find some redness and bruising which can occur after the treatment which resolves very quickly after completing the procedure.

After your treatment.

As the liver processes the treated fat it is recommended that you reduce alcohol consumption and drink lots of water for the 3 months after your treatment.
You can also discuss with us other treatments that will enhance your results such as lymphatic drainage massage – that is offered in the clinic.

Guildford Fat Freezing

Fat freezing process