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If you don’t lose inches you will be retreated



Fat Freezing Surrey

What is  Fat Freezing

This is the latest technology in banishing fat  from stubborn areas.
A machine designed to freeze fat which are then drained away by your body‚ natural lymphatic system.
Other methods of permanent fat reduction have side effects and have long recovery periods and cost a lot of money.

This non invasive method is free of many of the side effects which invasive methods will resolve in with little/no down time; this treatment proves excellent for those clients who want great effective results without the bed rest.

The process of  “FAT FREEZING” works by treating the unwanted fat cells with very  low temperatures, this results in the fat cells being  destroyed – this process is called apoptosis.
This process  of apoptosis naturally occurs through out the body with all cells – FAT FREEZING accelerates this in the area where you are storing unwanted fat.

Once the fat cells have been destroyed your body will begin the process of eliminating these cells , firstly by breaking them down and then via the lymphatic system move them to the liver for excretion. This can take up to 12 weeks.

Most areas of the body where unwanted fat is stored can be treated using this treatment.  Stomach, inner thighs, love handles, bra fat and the chin.

One treatment can be enough to get a great long lasting results and on average will result in a 20-30% decrease in adipose tissue within the area being treated.

Results can take between 4-12 weeks to fully show through, during this time the area will slowing reduce.
We also have a number of other treatments that if done at the same time can speed up your results.

Fat Freezing Surrey

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Fat Freezing Surrey

Further information 
This is a popular treatment  I have treated over 3000 clients, if you have any further queries please feel free to contact me via Text  – Call 07788 249875.

How many treatments will I need?
This will depend on the amount of excess fat that you want to remove.

 Is the treatment painful ?
Most clients find the treatment quite acceptable however there may be a little discomfort during the initial period of the treatment.

 How much will I lose in a single session ?
Single procedures can see a reduction in the area of up to 30%.

How quickly can I see the results ?
A client normally notices results within 12 weeks.
Although this can be sooner – if you need quicker results speak to me about combination treatments.

 What are the side effects of the treatment?
This treatments has few if any side affects, because the area has been exposed to extreme cold you may find the area is red and may be bruised.  These will not last very long.

 Is there anything I need to do after the treatment?
You will just need to make sure you are drinking plenty of water after your treatment to help the Lymphatic system drain away the toxins.
Lymphatic massage can also help to alleviate this.
 Fat Freezing Surrey

Fat freezing process