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Fibroblast  Treatment Guildford

What is a Fibroblast treatment

This treatment is very effective at skin rejuvenation and can be used for a range of other conditions – see below. The hand piece creates and then fires an ionised gas on the the area to be treated. Plasma treatments are non-invasive, and can be seen to replace some current surgical procedures, such as  upper eyelid tightening and it is particularly effective at which is non-invasive, could be used to replace some surgical procedures, and can significantly reduce scarring.

Fibroblast Treatment Guildford 


Fibroblast treatment areas

Non-surgical saggy skin rejuvenation.

  • Plasma Pen Fibroblast is virtually a pain-free treatment.
  • There is no injectable anaesthetic before the treatment.
  • Non-invasive no need to cut the skin or provide stitches.
  • Minimal to no side effects.
  • Very limited downtime.
  • Instant and amazing results.

Smokers Lines after 4 weeks

Fibroblast lips results

Plasma Pen  Non-Surgical Facelift – Available Now


This new treatment is specifically designed to improve the appearance of lose skin

Upper Lip                                          £100.00

Lower Lip                                         £100.00

Upper & Lower Lip                       £150.00

Crows Feet                                       £150.00

Under Eyes                                      £150.00

Upper Eyelids                                 £150.00

Upper Eyelids inc Forehead     £200.00 

Neck                                                   £200.00

Back of Hands                                £200.00