Despite your very best intensions is it your mind that lets you down ?

We offer you the solution to this ever present problem and best of all we offer it free of charge !
How long have you dreamed of having a trim, fit body. How often have you started a weight loss  or fitness program and been sabotaged by your mind ? If this is you then read on –

The diet devil

selfmastery2It cajoles you into believing that you will be able to lose that weight in record time – the diet devil convinces you that the latest “juice me diet ” or “shake a day diet ” is the only way to “do it” it assures you that it is reasonably priced and “anyway”  the distributor ( who is now your best friend )  is going to give you very special introductory discount.

After a week or two (and a disastrous weekend as you had friends over ) the diet devil convinces you that one piece of cake will be just fine – which it is……. But then it suggests that you’ve had one slice you may as well finish the whole thing, then it says well you’ve messed it all up now as you always do so why bother.

The fitness fiend

Our fitness fiend is usually most verbal in the new year,  or 6 months before a big occasion such as a wedding or big birthday. It makes you join a gym or by a DVD or new running shoes and promises you that by the time of the big event you will be in the best shape of your life.

After the fiends initial flurry ( not Mc Flurry ) it makes an excuse for you take a day off, only one because you deserve it.  When you are due to restart the fiend suggests that you pop home before you go to the gym just to check on the fridge, it won’t take long.

The fiend then distracts you with something on TV. After several successful distractions the fiend points out that you always give in so why bother.

Control your mind achieve your goals

Fortunately, there’s an easier way.

You can retrain your brain to eliminate conditioned hyper-eating, loss of control and end stress-eating,

You can put a halt to emotional eating with out  the gruelling discipline.

The power of the mind is nothing new to science. Doctors have known for decades that the mind has the power to help people lose weight, stop smoking, manage pain, overcome phobias, accelerate learning, and enhance athletic performance. The only problem was finding a way to harness that potential.Self mastery Technology harnesses the power of you.

Self Mastery Technology

selfmastery5Well now you can with an exciting new development called Self Mastery Technology.

SMT is based on the research of the world’s leading universities. This technology uses synchronized pulses of light and sound to deeply relax you while promoting optimum brainwave activity for learning, focus and memory. While the lights and tones soothe you, SMT (self-mastery technology) audio-sessions help focus your mind so you can finally release the unwanted habits associated with diet and exercise.

Because we feel that this is the most important part of your weight loss program we offer it to you free of charge whilst you take part in our Lipo light courses – during this time you will experience the benefits of the this amazing technology and begin to take control of your mind and body.



“ I feel really relaxed after each session, normally I only stay on a diet for a couple of weeks – then get fed up. These sessions have helped me stay motivated and stick to the plan.”


“I love it – I arrive feeling like I want to give up and leave feeling like I a want to run a marathon”


“I have no idea how it works but I really look forward to my sessions – so far I have lost 9lbs – but the best bit is I don’t feel like giving up – its like there is a new me that doesn’t give in to temptation”