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3D – New HIFU

Treatments that do not involve going under the knife are becoming more popular. One of the most up to date technologies is 3D HIFU Using HIFU you only have to have a single visit, and it is a particularly good at treating, crows feet, jowls, and around the nose area. This technology has a number of benefits over traditional HIFU machines

Better results

  1. More focussed heat
  2. Delivery of up to 50% more power per placement
  3. Quicker and better results.
  4. Ability to target treatment more accurately

The main advantages of this type of treatment are:

Acoustic energy which is delivered in a highly focussed way results in heated incrassation zones this occurs at different levels in the skin, after this fresh collagen is produced, resulting in extended skin tightening. Clients are able to see benefits after about 4 weeks, these being improvements in fine lines and improved facial contouring. Ultherapy Dorking


What to expect.

The procedure takes about an hour. The full effects of HIFU take approximately 12-24 weeks, however with 3D Hifu these results start to show more quickly. Depending on diet and other external influences the results can last for up to 3 years. You will have a full consultation – during which time the both your goals and the treatment will be discussed.

When you come to the clinic please make sure that you have removed your make up. Once on the treatment begins your face will be marked up so that the treatment area is clear. Then an even layer of ultrasound gel is applied to your skin – this ensures that the treatment is as comfortable as possible.

There are 3 treatment depths however the surface of the skin is not affected, as the treatment targets the deeper muscular layers. Once the treatment is completed you are able to resume as normal. The focussed nature of 3D HIFU allows the heat to reach depths of up to 4.5mm ensuring that collagen remodelling occurs exactly where it is needed. Additional energy is also placed at 3mm and 1.5mm.

What can I expect to feel during the 3D HIFU procedure?

You may feel a little discomfort during an HIFU procedure. The energy is delivered in individual shots – and some people describe it as a pin prick feeling. Client have different levels of tolerance for the treatment – some find it more comfortable than others. Notably because of the precise nature of 3D Hifu it is more tolerable than the original machines.

On completion of the treatment the skin requires the application of a good moisturiser. There will be some redness in the treated area but this usually clears within a few hours, although occasionally this may last longer. You will be given full aftercare information on how to maintain your skin after your treatment. Ultherapy Dorking 

Post your procedure you need to ensure that you do not allow your skin to be exposed to excessive heat or cold. In addition use sun protection. You are able to apply make up directly after your treatment. Although do not apply products that contain retinols as this may cause irritation. Ultherapy Dorking 

Some clients feel soreness and a little bruising accompanied by heat bumps, whilst this is rare it will disappear with in a couple of days – although sometimes this may take longer. Bruising may not show for several days after the treatment and can appear yellow / green in colour. The areas that a most prone to bruising are the jawline and the cheek bone. Ultherapy Dorking 

Even if you have not bruised, the area may still be tender to touch.This is usually most evident along the jawline and cheekbone and most often noted when touching your face, washing or applying makeup. Although this may be uncomfortable to the touch it will only be transient and will not effect drinking and eating . Ultherapy Dorking 


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