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New skin tightening and rejuvenation treatments which are effective are now available. One of the most up to date technologies is 3D HIFU In just one single session 3D Hifu – targets individual areas lifting cheeks and jawline and reducing nasolabial folds and peri orbital wrinkles. This technology has a number of benefits over traditional HIFU machines

Better results with –

  • More precise delivery of energy
  • Treatment can be administered in rows of up to 10 with each shot
  • Quicker and better results.
  • Increased output of energy

The main advantages of this type of treatment are:

The highly focused acoustic energy creates thermal coagulation zones at three different selected depths, following which a wound healing response results in the formation of new collagen, thus providing a long-term tightening of the skin. After about 28 days the results begin to show, reduction in fine lines and overall tightness of the skin sand improved skin structure. Ultherapy Reigate


What to expect at your appointment

In total the treatment takes 60 mins. Despite initial results after 28 days – the full effect can take up to 24 weeks . With 3D HIFU these results are apparent sooner. HIFU provides long term results and can still be seen for up to 3 years after your treatment. Ultherapy Reigate

It is important that you understand the treatment and before your treatment you will have a comprehensive consultation.

When you arrive for your treatment please ensure that you have no facial make up. As it is important that the treatment is delivered in the correct places a cosmetic marker is used to mark the area. Then an even layer of ultrasound gel is applied to your skin – this ensures that the treatment is as comfortable as possible. Ultherapy Reigate

There are 3 treatment depths however the surface of the skin is not affected, as the treatment targets the deeper muscular layers. After the treatment, you can simply go about your usual activities. The difference between HIFU and other in chair procedures is that the energy penetrates to varying preset levels – 4.5mm 3mm and 1.5mm , previously this was only achievable with surgery. Ultherapy Reigate

How does the 3D HIFU feel?

Some clients feel a little uncomfortable during the treatment – although this is usually mild and transient. The energy is delivered in individual shots – and some people describe it as a pin prick feeling. As with all treatments – it will depend on your pain thresh hold as to how well you tolerate the procedure. Notably because of the precise nature of 3D Hifu it is more tolerable than the original machines. Ultherapy Reigate

A moisturiser is applied to the skin after the treatment. Whilst side effects are few the area may remain warm and red for aw few hours after the treatment. You will be given full aftercare information on how to maintain your skin after your treatment. Ultherapy Reigate

After your treatment you should not expose your skin to extremes of cold and heat and use a sun block to protect your skin You can follow your regular makeup regime immediately, but you should avoid using products that cause irritation such as retinols for 48 hours.

Tenderness, swelling and bruising can occasionally occur (although not common) in the areas treated. Because the treatment is at such a deep level bruising may occur several days after the treatment and may look greeny / yellow in colour. Most common areas for bruising are along the jawline and cheekbone.

Even if you have not bruised, the area may still be tender to touch.This is usually most evident along the jawline and cheekbone and most often noted when touching your face, washing or applying makeup. Although this may be uncomfortable to the touch it will only be transient and will not effect drinking and eating .



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