Laser hair removal

Cheaper than waxing

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At last pain-free Laser hair removal that’s cheaper than waxing

Laser Hair removal

laser hair removal

Expert Care

I have been carrying out Laser Hair Removal for over 10 years and I am a level 4 laser practitioner. I am pleased to say that I have 1000s of happy cleints. I work by myself which means that I am able to carry out all of the treatments myself, and I use a Sharplight Laser – which is a top of the range machine I also offer a free consultation. Text or call 07788 249875 if you would like to arrange a chat. Waxing Cranleigh

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“I know I can wear skirts, dresses, shorts without any worry.”
Really pleased with Rebecca’s Treatments . I have been freed from the burden of waxing.
Outstanding treatments .

 Why waste time and money shaving or waxing.

Laser hair removal is a great alternative to the burden of uncomfortable shaving or painful waxing. After a course of treatments you can expect permanent reduction. After you have completed your treatments you can expect a 90% reduction of hair in the area treated. Which means that you are always ready to go – never having “hairy legs” or dark shadows on your under arms ! . Not to mention Laser Hair Removal is an effective treatment for ingrown hairs, leaving you to enjoy smooth, hairless skin year round Waxing Cranleigh

Laser Hair removal legs

On average women in the UK 72 days of their life shaving her legs . 72 days!


This treatment has been clinically shown to reduce both body and facial hair. The treatment is relatively pain free and has outstanding long term results. Regardless of the thickness of your hair as long as it has pigment this almost pain free treatment can be used on s variety of skin types.

WHAT IS THE PROCEDURE ? waxing cranleigh

During the treatment we introduce high levels of targeted heat deep into the hair follicle. The heat energy emitted by the laser head is attracted to the pigment in your hair ( melanin) – it is absorbed and transported to the root of the hair where it is destroys it. This excessive heat prevents it from regrowing. This safe procedure does not impact on the skin from which the hair grows.

FREQUENCY OF TREATMENTS – EVERY 28 – 42 DAYS. waxing cranleigh

During the course of your treatments you will nee to visit the clinic every 4 – 6 weeks. Your visit frequency depends on what area of the body you are treating. For your comfort and to achieve the best results you need to shave the treatment area at the day before you come to the clinic. Hair growth patterns vary and because of this you will need to have a series of treatments in order to eliminate all of your hair. After each treatment it can take 2 weeks before hair begins to shed. It’s important to avoid waxing, plucking, epilating or bleaching between treatments.

The process of Laser Hair with the Sharplight System is almost pain free. You can expect a 90% reduction in your hair, Meaning that you will no longer need to spend money each month on painful waxing.

Your safe treatment is important. waxing cranleigh

  • In the UK Laser Treatments are no longer regulated.
  •  I am VTCT Qualified to Level 4 – this is recognised by all the major Insurance Companies.
  • My Sharplight equipment is CE certified and regularly serviced by one of the UKs leading Laser Engineers
  • Before all of your treatments – I confirm with you that you s still suitable for treatments – and if I do not think you are suitable ( due to medication or excessive sun exposure ) then I will reschedule your appointment.

Cost of Laser Hair Removal

I offer very affordable treatments on a pay as you go basis. Below you can find details of my most common packages.

About 20% of my Laser Hair removal clients are men – please call or text for prices.

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