Laser hair removal

Cheaper than waxing

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At last pain-free Laser hair removal that’s cheaper than waxing

Laser Hair removal

laser hair removal

Qualified Practitioner

I have been carrying out Laser Hair Removal for over 10 years and I am a level 4 laser practitioner. I am pleased to say that I have 1000s of happy cleints. I offer treatments at very competetive prices – I am able to do this as I work by myself and use a worldclass Sharplight Laser. All consultations are free of charge. If you would like to find out more and discuss a treatment plan please call or text 07788 249875. waxing horsham

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On average women in the UK 72 days of their life shaving her legs . 72 days!

Why shave or wax when you can laser

Laser hair removal is a great alternative to the burden of uncomfortable shaving or painful waxing. After completing your treatments you will see a permanent lessening of our hair. On the completion of the treatment process it is likely that you will see a 90% lessening of the hair in the treated area. So you’ll never be caught out by a stubbly shin or fuzzy underarm again!. Not to mention Laser Hair Removal is an effective treatment for ingrown hairs, leaving you to enjoy smooth, hairless skin year round. waxing horsham

Laser Hair removal legs

“I know I can wear skirts, dresses, shorts without any worry.”
So thank you Rebecca @ Bodibeautiful. Laser Hair removal has made such a difference to my life.

Delivering excellent results

Laser hair removal is the only clinically proven treatment for the removal of unwanted facial and body hair gently, quickly and effectively with long-lasting results. The treatment is virtually painless and is suitable for a wide variety of hair and skin types. waxing horsham


Laser hair removal targets the hair follicle using brief pulses of light energy. The heat energy emitted by the laser head is attracted to the pigment in your hair ( melanin) – it is absorbed and transported to the root of the hair where it is destroys it. This prevents any regrowth from happening in the future. The treatment has been proven to be safe and does not affect the surrounding skin. waxing horsham


The course of treatments is usually spaced at four-to-six week intervals. Your visit frequency depends on what area of the body you are treating. For the most effective treatment it is best to shave the area 24 – 48 hours before you arrive for your procedure. Each hair has its own growth cycle, so you may need several treatments to remove all of the hair. After each treatment it can take 2 weeks before hair begins to shed. It’s important to avoid waxing, plucking, epilating or bleaching between treatments.


Laser treatment for hair removal is practically pain free and removes up to 90% of hair and has long term time and cost savings compared to other hair removal methods. Your safety is fundamental waxing horsham

Due to a change in government policy Lasers in the UK are no longer regulated.

  • I am VTCT Level 4 Laser Qualified – All the main Insurance Companies recognise this Qualification.
  • The equipment that I use is CE approved and regularly maintained by a leading Laser Servicing Company.
  • Before each treatment I check your skin to make sure that you are suitable for treatments at that time.

Laser Hair Removal Prices

Laser hair removal can be used on any part of the body, including the most common problem areas: bikini, face, legs and underarms.

Laser Hair removal – Men
I have many male clients – for prices please call or drop me a text.

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Consultations are FREE and you are under no obligation please call 07788 249875


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